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Diection to CSE:


How to get to Yonsei Univ from  ICN airport using Subway


  1. From  ICN airport to Hongik university subway station (Café Comma): Take the direct subway from ICN airport to Hongik university station. It will take 45 min. It comes every 7 min. The subway information is here.    The Cafe Comma is located just at Exit 3 of the subway station.

  2. From  Hongick University Station to Sinchon station (one stop, 2min): Take the subway line number 2(green line).

  3. From Sinchon station to Yonsei univ. (300m distance)  Exit through either Exit 3 or Exit 2.  Continue northward on the street between Exit 2 and Exit 3. You can find  the main gate of Yonsei univeristy.

  4.  CSE Department is located at the number 13 in Yonsei Campus map (building name: Advanced Science and Technology Center). CSE office(Tel. 02-2123-6121) is in 6th floor of that building and Seo's office is room 610 (Tel. 02-2123-6122).

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